Twin Flames
Twin Flames
Twin Flames
Twin Flames
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Twin Flames


What it is.

A multi-chrome, high impact liquid shadow that displays an ethereal shift between two shades that complement each other. When applied, its high pigment immediately resonates through a dazzling multi-dimensional chrome look. Twin Flames comes in 10 ultra-pigmented, opaque shades our 5 newest opalescent shades add extra sparkle to your eyes and face or on top of your favorite eyeshadow. 

Original 10 shades: Adore U, Amour, Angel Heart, Crazy 4 U, Forever, Lover, Obsession, Soulmate, Sweetheart, True Luv

Opalescent shades: Bae, Everlasting, Lust, Passion, Young Love

Whether you’re feeling bold & vibrant or holographic & whimsical, one swipe is all it takes to experience a dynamic shadow with no creasing, no fallout, and no streaks that is 100% eye safe! NOW AVAILABLE in 15 multi-dimensional shades.

What it does.

  • Acts as a stand-alone eyeshadow, lip, or cheek pigment.
  • Opacity allows for a smooth transition of each color when reflected directly into the light and delivers crease-proof, all day wear
  • Optimized for a masterful, dual color explosion.

 How to use it.

  • Apply directly with the applicator to the eyes and face and simply blend with your finger or a brush to your desired intensity.
  • Layer ColorFix Glaze over application for a glossy finish.
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Additional information

Weight .085 oz

Isododecane, Silica, Ethylene/Propylene/Styrene Copolymer, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Triacontanyl PVP, Ozokerite, Microcrystalline Wax/Cera Microcristallina/Cire microcristalline, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, PEG-30 Dipolyhydroxystearate, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate, (+/-): Iron Oxides (CI77491), Titanium Dioxide (CI77891)

Twin Flames

Adore U, Amour, Angel Heart, Bae, Crazy 4 U, Everlasting, Forever, Lover, Lust, Obsession, Passion, Soulmate, Sweetheart, True Luv, Young Love

66 reviews for Twin Flames

  1. alicia_lefort

    Amazing glow. Dried down nice. I will definitely be looking more into this brand

  2. kristaruelas

    I love the sparkle!! The shift is so cute!! Very pleased!

  3. coxwellcaitlen

    Love this eyeshadow. The colors are gorgeous and so pigmented. It also lasted all day! Highly recommend

  4. gracie102682

    I loved this product, first time trying it . I received it in my Trendmod Box Vol 10. Súper pigmented and easy to blend. Color Young Love

  5. lindseybohne

    These are absolutely beautiful!! I’ve ordered 8 more of them after receiving 2 of them in my trendmood box

  6. ashhernandez31

    These are beautiful duo chrome eyeshadows they don’t flake they don’t get patchy on your eye lids they have amazing staying power I received these in my trendmood box in the shades young love and passion

  7. annalisa.maestri10

    I’ve received passion and young love in a Trendmood box and I was amazed by how sparkling and duochrome these eyeshadows are. I’d say that they are triochrome eyeshadows…amazing!

  8. celie-akp

    I bought 6 colors of Twin Flames and I received 2 new colors (Lust and Passion) from Trendmood box.
    These are insane !!!! Really big impact of multichrome colors, the pay-off is amazing. This is really easy to apply and you have the time to play and smudge these babies. More important, I have very oily eyelids and these twin flames stay all day without primer. It’s definitely a win for me! Thank you Danessa for offering us these lil diamonds!

  9. joannadetcheva

    I received it in my Trendmood box and I really like how it makes my eyes look! It’s lightweight and doesn’t emphasize wrinkles!

  10. Christa Sprague (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Passion is my favorite! It’s a pink yellow shirt. I recieved passion in my trendmood box. I’ve also bought other shades separately. They dry down perfectly and take your eye look to the next level!

  11. linneaelisee

    These toppers are so pretty paired with any eyeshadow look. They change in different lighting and last all day. I received this product in my TrendMood Vol. 10 box.

  12. thekingkasie

    I love this! I received this product in my Trendmood Box and have been obsessed! You can intensity the pigment by using your fingers to apply on your lid but overall the color payoff is amazing!

  13. tabetha.webster

    Fun shade shifts! Sparkles and makes the eyes pop! Takes a bit to dry. So happy I got this thru Trendmood and was able to try it out!

  14. ljdupont7

    Absolutely love these shadow sticks. I received in my Trendmood box and Twin Flames is gorgeous and stays on the eyelid without smudging. Highly recommend!

  15. quinncarrozza

    I received this in my Trendmood Vol 10 box- amazing! They last during my workouts and don’t have a fall out.

  16. rockstar.valeria

    Very beautiful and unique eyeshadow sticks. I received Passion and Young Love in a Trendmood box and I am really impressed with how beautiful they are. Very opaque and creamy, I don’t have anything like this. The shifts are gorgeous.

  17. msobeski

    I love these I got two in my trendmood box and there amazing ,I never really liked similar products from other brands ,these are amazing!

  18. laudznarcisse

    I received 2 colors (Lust and Passion) from Trendmood box.These are beautiful duo chrome eyeshadows they don’t flake they don’t get patchy on your eye lids. Looking forward to buy more!!

  19. crichey0227

    Okay if an eyeshadow can be described as sexy, THIS IS IT!!! I can’t wait to put this on for valentines day!!!

  20. cdespines327

    So reflective! Dries in a reasonable time. I love the way the colors shift in the light.

  21. paoberry.felix

    I love it, is soooo pretty.

  22. tativega97

    I received this in my Trendmood Vol. 10 box and LET ME TELL YOU super blinding and easy to blend I love them so much I used them as is on my eyelids and I love this so much!!

  23. seong.h.park

    I purchased and received this product from Trendmood Box. I am in LOVE with these Twin Flames Multichrome Pigments, they’re stunning!!! Lightweight and smooth in texture and feel. The applicator allows it to apply smoothly and give a full-impact duochrome foiled shine effect to the eyes! I also love applying them as an eyeliner – the color shift is the most stunning I’d ever seen in a liquid eyeshadow, it’s breathtaking!!! Swatches: Top – Passion, bottom – Young Love. I want to purchase ALL the shades! I definitely recommend these,they’re gorgeous and so much fun!

  24. tdsollog

    I received Passion and Young Love in a Trendmood Box, and the hype is REAL. They’re both beautiful multi chrome goodness! I took a clean brush and used it to remove pigment from the applicator and then to my eyelids. Bam!

  25. alitonis411

    I have been following Danessa on Instagram for a while and have been wanting to try the twin flames- I received two in my trendmood box and I am blown away at the pigmentation and staying power they have! I am so excited to use these on top of eyeshadows to really make my eye makeup pop or as a fun highlighter. I will absolutely be buying more shades- passion is absolutely gorgeous!

  26. smnth.white

    I received these in my Trendmood Vol.10 box. These colors are so beautiful! I wore the color young love the day after I received it and got so many compliments. So versatile as they can be used as highlighters too.

  27. mjallday2

    I have never seen anything like this. It is gorgeous and lasts all day. Colors are super unique and dry quickly and evenly!

  28. mjallday2

    I got this in a Trendmood box and I am so grateful to have such a cool quality eyeshadow stick! I have never seen anything like this. It is gorgeous and lasts all day. Colors are super unique and dry quickly and evenly!

  29. ebethmarsee82689

    Wow! Just beautiful! I recieved young love and passion and cannot wait to use this for my valentine’s day look! They are stunning. Trendmood thank you for introducing me to this brand. The pigmentation and metaliic shimmer that has a multi deminsional color changing effect goes from blue to green. To purple, pearlescent and pink. Stays on strong.

  30. kranston

    I received Passion and Young Love in a a Trendmood box and I was really impressed with the quality. The colors are duochrome and very foiled looking, not chunky. They dried down fast and stayed in place.

  31. dreaxmoon

    I’m very impressed with these. I’m obsessed with adding them as a top coat to black eyeshadow. I was lucky enough to get this in my Trendmood Box. It’s become a holy grail for me.

  32. cindy.evlo

    I got this on my trendmood box and let me tell you how beautiful these are omg!!!

  33. kmbuettner4

    Received in my Trendmood box. The shades are beautiful and last. Love duo chrome.

  34. cocolaceg

    I received my twin flames stick (young love and passion) in my Trendmood box vol 10. Listen I am absolutely love how easy it was to apply, they way it transformed the colors that was underneath. Gorgeous, I was definitely feeling myself after I created a look with them. I cannot wait to try the contour balm next!!!!

  35. dmegan

    Gorgeous colors. I got Young Blood and Passion in my Trendmood box. They are amazing. Love the shift and colors. Would definitely recommend if love super shimmery, glowy eye products.

  36. barbarag72

    I recieved these in my trendmood box. I think they are amazing. I’ve never tried anything like this. Extremely pigmented and sparkly. I tried it over a black shadow and I absolutely loved it. The shift is real.
    The only thing I would say i had trouble removing it. Shiny particles everywhere.

  37. nickyjade1

    Received in my Trendmood box. Really pretty colors.

  38. mariacleopatra2

    I received and purchased this through These twin flame eyeshadows are absolutely stunning I wish I could have all of them I highly recommend them

  39. jonestreena88

    I received two of the twin flames in my trendmood box! And it was my first time trying this brand and this product is awesome. And I don’t usually like liquid shadow but this is just beautiful on the eyes. Love love love it!!

  40. claireheidimejia

    I got the trendmood box specifically to try these, and I’m so glad I did! I absolutely love them, and will be buying more. Beautiful.

  41. shonabloo

    To be honest, I’ve never heard of this brand until I received it in my Trendmood box. It’s so pretty. I’m so glad I discovered this product!

  42. tarenwinskye

    Like everyone on here who’s posted today I received these in my trendmood box. So I did not get them for free, as I paid for the box, but did not chose the shades. I received young love, and passion. It looks like that’s what the majority of the reviewer’s received as well. After seeing the photographs I could not help myself and immediately had to try these on. For reference I am 41. Dual chrome or twin is not a very accurate description. As these are definitely multi chromatic. Iridescent while at the same time being pearlescent and opaque. Literally a rainbow, but of all pastels, even shimmery dark pastels. They look completely different in each room and each type of light! If you want the colors to stay truly opaque you will need to use a setting gloss, spray, or primer over/under this because if you touch it or come into contact it does rub off onto other things. If you want it to be more of a pearly shimmer that rubs in and less opaque it is perfectly fine to just rub it in as is. I see myself mixing these with lotions, creams or sunscreens to get a light shimmer or pearly glow. Or even a bit in foundation to brighten it, or as a lipstick topper. I absolutely, sincerely love these!

  43. ousht17

    I received Passion and Young Love in my Trendmood box vol 10 and holy gracious these are beautiful! The sparkle is absolutely gorgeous and they dry down beautifully. The packaging is simple and quite beautiful as well. I can’t wait to wear these with my Valentine’s Day look!

  44. Caity Showalter (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE these. I already owned 5, then got two more in my TrendMood box, then bought three more ? I cannot recommend these enough!

  45. samanthacw99

    I received these in a trendmood box and these are AMAZING. I truly have never had a duo chrome shadow like this. It made my eye look pop and I got so many compliments. I’ll most definitely be ordering more shades!

  46. jaelsalazar29

    I really like how look I use just in my kid by itself give a great look love it everyday look so happy to get in trendmood box.

  47. bonnieengle87

    I got mine from a trendmood 10 box!!! Absolutely beautiful multichrome! Gorgeous. Subtle but yet not bc ot stands out!

  48. hmjohns1997

    I received 2 Twin Flames multi-chrome, high impact liquid shadow by Danessa Myricks Beauty via my Trendmood Box Vol. 10. The colors and pigments are amazing!! I’m so in love with these liquid shadows!

  49. priscilladuran26

    These products are so amazing, unlike anything I have in my collection. Very glittery and has a beautiful shift. I have 2 of them which are Young Love and Passion. I received them in a Trendmood box.

  50. taylormorgan.suarez

    I absolutely love these liquid eyeshadow pigments! They are so unique and so pigmented. My favorite thing is that they last all day long and drive down and do not leave any type of sticky residue. I received this product in my trendmood box!!

  51. king_dinky

    I received these products from Trendmood. They went on with minimal product and I was able to work blending, as it does not dry quickly. I love the colors!

  52. jennyfoofoo33

    I received this in my trendmood box. Omg this stuff is amazing! Beautiful colors and the consistency and formula is amazing! I absolutely love these. Also this is the first product of this kind that I own, I recommend get you some’

  53. bevyg7590

    I can’t Express how much I’m in love with this..the colors amazing the staying power amazing. So fast and easy to achieve a flawless look ..thank u so much TRENDMOOD for this awesome pick

  54. rebeccahesser

    I received two colors in a trendmood box and they are both absolutely stunning. They sit beautifully on the skin, have a quick dry down time and wear all day long. The shifts are absolutely gorgeous!!! Will absolutely be purchasing more colors!!!

  55. lisa.jacquez

    Received this in my Trendmood box, this is the whole reason why I bought the Trendmood box. I am so excited to finally explore indie brands like Danessa’s. Both Passion and Young Love are exquisite and will not come off until you use an oil based cleanser. Walked around for two days looking at the pretty swatches on my hand, lasted through daily showers and soap and water handwashes for two days until it hit it with makeup remover oil / micellar water combo. The shades are opaque and multichrome with a metal/foiled finish. Both appear white on doe foot, when applied young love is multi tones of purple, pink, (blue?) depending on angles and lighting, green tones are visible when looking at tube. Passion is coral pink greenishgold yellow in tube, on skin and certain lighting / angles flashes of green, yellow, pink. Amazing textures flashes of foiled metallic colors.

  56. dcifelli426

    Seriously amazing! Where have these been all my life! I use them everywhere! From head to toe. Long lasting! ! Received from trendmood box.

  57. tishomajo

    I received these in a Trendmood box and let me just say that I am rather impressed at how pigmented they are!! Not to mention the fact that they dry down fast and stay!! I am in love with these multi demential beauties!

  58. joannedv

    The most amazing sparkle and long wearing! I got this in my Trendmood box and I love it!

  59. mcieslewski711

    Thanks to Trendmood box 10 I received these items and omg are they beautiful and amazing!!!!

  60. hayes9809

    Gorgeous! Stunning! Excellent quality. Very impressed with the opaqueness, colors and shifts of both. I received them in my trendmood box

  61. aquila.alharthy

    This product is so amazing!! I was so excited to have received twin flames multichrome pigments in my TRENDMOOD box, I have been wanting to try out this for the longest time. Now I know I will be purchasing many more in the future!! ??

  62. amm430

    I received both Passion and Young Love in my Trendmood box and could not be more obsessed with these! The colors are absolutely stunning, and when they catch the light, the effect is so brilliant! The best part is that the formula has great staying power and doesn’t smear. Can’t wait to get more colors!

  63. lorennadelc

    Wonderful eyeshadow sticks. I receive it on my trendmood box vol. 10. I made a fantastic look.

  64. jmerlo2017

    I was a little skeptical once I thought I was getting these on my trendmood box. I normally don’t like you think glitter on my face But this product is far from regular glitter he gave me an instant glow and made my cheekbones Look just perfect and highlighted. Not too much it’s not a little just the perfect amount of highlights I love it I just finished a photo shoot with this product on and it was perfect

  65. graymond7881

    I received two of these in my trendmood box and Holy cow am I impressed! I had never heard of this brand before and i wish I had. These are so reflective and the shifts are insane! I will definitely be picking more shades up.

  66. alessiabatt

    I received Passion and Young Love in my Trendmood Vol 10 box- they’re amazing , pigments are beautiful and I love to use them as a liner.

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